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       Cenote (say-NOH-tay) literally means sink hole.  One might ask, why would anyone name a restaurant sinkhole grill?  There are numerous reasons, but the first comes from our honeymoon in Cancun and a deeper look into what cenotes really are....  "The natural wonders of the state of Yucatan, cenotes, or underground rivers, are sources of plentiful crystalline water which have fulfilled men's needs throughout the centuries and can be found only in Florida, the Yucatan Peninsula and the island of Cuba.  There are four different types of cenotes, those that are completely underground, those that are semi-underground, those that are at land level like a lake or pond and those that are open wells.  Today at least 1000 cenotes have been located among the approximately four thousand that are believed to exist in the state of Yucatan.  These unique places are now included in the ever increasing number of tourist attractions of the area, both for the archaeological value they offer, as in the cases of Chichen Itza and Dzibilchaltun, and for the exquisite natural beauty they possess, as found at the Dzitnup cenote near Valladolid."  So, as you see, cenotes are more than just sink holes.  They were and still are an important part of the Yucatan culture.

     The second reason comes from being longtime restaurant employees, and the risk and cost associated with starting such a venture.  We considered all of the difficulties associated with getting a restaurant "out of the hole", and decided to interject some humor into our name by calling it a sinkhole.

     The third and most important reason was my passion for the restaurant business, my love of cooking and our love of Mexican cuisine.  My dream has always been to open my own restaurant and provide healthy flavorful Mexican fare.  So, following our last trip south and a few too many cocktails, we decided to follow the dream and name it after the natural wonders known as cenotes. 

     We opened in June of 2004 and recently celebrated our 10th anniversary.  We survived the construction phase, the first year rollercoaster and the birth of our two boys, the first coming just two months after opening.  The restaurant has evolved over the years to include a wide variety of dishes and we are happy to say our passion for the business is still going strong.  We have come to know and love so many people over the years and consider our employees and regulars like family.  We appreciate all of the support we have received and look forward to the years to come.